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Let’s join the whole world in saving the planet #Globalwarming by going meatless sometimes and maybe, just maybe we can become vegetarians with time.


Chinese vegan noodles With Moringa leaves and Meat-like Chunks From veggievictory

Made with Soy to give you all the protein you need and wheat to energize you with carbohydrate, fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, folicacid, antioxidants and phytochemicals . the veggievictory chunks serves its purpose by satisfying your thirst for a chunky Meat-like feel that crowns your meal by giving you all the drammer you expect in your mouth while chewing.

For Suya
Boil with your desired ingredient (I like to spice with Pepe while boiling), insert you suya stick into the chuck then deep the stick into the your suya ingredient and gril

For Stew
Par-boil with nothing (just to soften), then add to already boiling stew, allow stew ingredient get in and then it is ready for eat.

For Noodles or Pasta
Boil, spice then add to noodles ( you can still fry a little if you prefer a crunchy feel.

Best form of Consumption
Best enjoyed when already soaked in stew the you can add to different varieties of meal.

Veggievictory Chunks

Taste just like meat


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