So there is this thing or let’s say idea that people get when they see “girls who rock coloured hair” like you are just perceived as Bold or Prominent , well truth is these people also get the scary feelings we all have when it comes to change (changing our looks ) the only difference is that they are unlimited when it comes to their looks and you aren’t .

So let’s look at the key considerations for rocking blonde braids.

  • Dying your hair to fit the exact shade of blonde extension you have chosen, to enable you achieve a coordinated braids.

  • Choosing the right shade of blonde that matches your skin colour, now this is very important because even the very fair ones still have issues with choosing the right blonde for their hair. So this is the part where you have to tread with caution so you don’t end up looking Scarry

  • when it comes to blondes, there are braid styles that are suitable for it, styles like Jumbo or tinny box braids and lemonade braids would do.

That’s it guys, put these tips to consideration and you can never go wrong with blonde braids.