Wiging The Lemonade Braids

We all know how the lemonade braids went viral after Beyonce rocked it on her lemonade video (reason why the hairstyle was named lemonade braids).

Now when it comes to this braid style three things are to be done nicely to achieve this look, the linings, length and edges.

The lines must be neatly cut-out, the length should be atleast close to the begining of your thighs and the edges of your hair must be allowed to breath to enable you or your stylist play with them, by making use of edge control and gel to aquire the baby hair look

This braid style has been seen on almost every beautiful lady on the street including myself but still the braids on Beyonce is quite different from every other one we’v seen (reason why i made this post). After i came across SILVIAHIAR braid wig pictures i noticed some similarities to that of Bey.

Both braids have similar size (not very bold just a little bit obvious), the braids are very close to each other (not much space between), the braids aren’t  very full all-together  just like that of Bey and the edges are very much alike, leaving me to think its either Bey rocked a braid wig on that video or i’ll just say the best way to get thesame look as beyonce is to braid wig it.

Why one can barely tell if Silvia’shair braid wig is a wig, it looks just like you braided your own hair.

video of Silviashair braidwig.


More picture of other braidwig styles from Silviahair.

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