Episode 2

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So its our second episode on explore and we promise it is going to get bigger  and better.

The Balinese women are from the continent of Asia and Indonesia as their country, These women are known to be one of the strongest in the world, not because they engage in physical fights or competitions, but because of their daily strong lifestyle routine.
The agreement of the mind and body of the Bali-women going through these daily stressful routines with smiles and obedience is what we perceive as being STRONG.

Young Balinese woman praying in Hindu temple.

In Bali the daily rituals are done by the Women not Men, on a daily bases family members including children are seen skewering, cutting, knitting and stitching materials meant for the rituals.

For the Bali people each offering has its own significant/meaning , the limes, greens ,gambeir plant and re-betel nut each repesent a major Hindu god, Vishnu, Trimuti, Shiva and Brahma, then the white petal flowers on the top represents sincerity and love.

These daily sacrifies takes nearly a whole day to put together (lots of time and money). To the Bali people it is a way of showing dedication, appreciation and also to apease theirs gods and spirits guiding their everyday life.

Women arrange offerings in the central temple during the annual ceremony of Melaspas in Trunyan village, Bali, Indonesia.

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Photo Credits To : Indoneo and Alittle-a-drift