Episode : 1


Hello Asia…..

My love for beauty is unconditional, it smiles at anything beautiful irrespective of its origin, tribe, culture, and ethnicity.
With love from my heart, my eyes can see clearly the true beauty of the ASIAN women.

Beauty can be categoriesed in three different part, the first part is      Discovery  : Creating a boundary between boldness and intimidation, the second part is
Acceptance : Awareness of our unique features and its advantage, the third part is
Exploring : This is the part where redefining, inspiration and acceptance comes in.

As the saying goes ” the hair is the beauty of a woman” the Asian women has from time to time proven this to be true by accessorising their hair with everything beautiful, from the fancy brush-combs to the lovely helmet head-dress, bringing us to our focuss of the day.

The helmet head-dress usually comes in gold colour, heavly and beautifuly accessorised with beads, chains and flowers.
This beautiful headwear commonly seen on royal brides, female dancers/ entertainers from the south sumatra indoesia , Thai and balinese tribe e.t.c.

These Asian women have focussed on the three stages of beauty listed above and have also caught the eyes of women and beauty lovers around the world, we just can’t get enough of the glory that these golden beautiful head-dress brings during occasions like weddings, royal banquets and festivals, enjoy more beautiful pics below.

see you on our next episode of EXPLORE.