Redefining Your Look : No One Needs dramatic hairstyle  this raining Season

You know! its funny how short hair seem so easy yet complicated to maintain.

Swaping from long to short hair feels like lifting a huge weight off your shoulders but the reverse is the case , now you end up spending even more.

Did you just hear the door-bell ring?
Got a call from your girls for a quick time-out?
Got a quick date with your boyfriend ?
You just name it girl, the list is endless, the first thing that comes to your mind is MY HAIRRRRR , yes you know it, your hair needs to be fixed every now and then,  truth be told “a well styled short hair can turn heads of a room filled with wigs and endless extensions when properly slayed”

So, just because we care about everything WOMAN and BEAUTY, we have put together some cute hair-do ideas from actress Juliet Ibrahim to keep you going on your short hair journey.


Perfect for a show-off day like clubbing, birthday parties e.t.c

This one right here is all shades of classy as it looks all natural like your own curly fro hair and yes girls! you rock this hairstyle for any occasion.
Hair Colouring

Are you a music/fashion presenter? going for a red carpet event or show? this style is lovely pick for you to stand out.
Tribal Braids

just because we all have to stay trendy and proud of our heritage this style is also very effective when it comes to making statements with your short hair (braids in the middle and fades on both sides) .


Braids-bun never leaves, it is actually the most pop-up hairstyle that comes the mind when one thinks of braiding on a tapered short hair (creating a middle high bun with your braids hereby allowing the fades to complement it)