Steps By : Jasmin

As lovely and graceful a yoga pose may look, it is no joke.


“Yoga is an art that depend greatly on the relationship between self trust and body movement” 

I found my balance the first time i made an attempt on the HEAD STAND YOGA POSE, it seem almost impossible because i never belived my hands where strong enought to carry my body upside down but then my brother and couch said MAMA (my pet name) trust me on this one, let go of your fears and rely on your strenght, just DO AS I DO and that was it, I did my first head stand and fell down immediatly as i try to get back on my feet with fear, but ever since, I have be able to get better at some of the yoga posses I have tried.
while on instagram i came across the TITTIBHASANA POSE by @Jasmine_yoga , it was picture perfect and immediately I gave a try. Find out how to pefect the pose below.