Colour Your Chops/Haircut To Stand Out #bigchopdontcare 

After deciding to go for the big chop the next thing that comes to mind is what form will it take to keep this style, the fades, twa,punk or skin cut and after then what next?

You get bored and feel the need to spice things up by making your hair feel very much alive.

I must confess! as good as it looks, big chops/lowcuts as I prefer to call it can be very demanding as it determines what kind of cloths you wear and also your makeups, keeping you in a very sensitive situation that gives huge considerations before you dressing up.

But the good part is that low haircuts can be fun, carefree, pain-free and less expensive.

The big chop allows you explore different hairstyles without getting worried about hair breakage and all and best part of it is the wide range of HAIR COLOURS  to try.

With your new found short hair, there are just no limit when it comes to COLOURING YOUR It , it is surprising how  even the wired Colours like Blue, Electric Green, Pink and Red, turns out finer than the normal everyday Blonde and Brown .

See for yourself ladies and let’s hear your thoughts.

Get Inspired !

The Bold Ones