My 4 Best Hair Feeds


Hello everyone, As always thursdays are all natural day here on MAMATRENDY and so have decide to share with you my Lovelies My Best 4 Hair Feeds.

I recently took off my Ghana braids that I had for like 2months leaving my hair dirty and due for relaxing, following the harsh sunny weather here in lagos Nigeria giving me a sweaty and itchy scap.

Getting ready to hit the saloon to relax my hair, buth not without my hair feeds, truth is I don’t really believe in using too many hair products as I feel when one applies too many products same time it doesn’t work instead causes damage/brakage to the hair, bringing us to my 4best Hair Feeds, see reasons why they are my besties.

Dark And Lovely Leave-in Conditioner 

Yes ladies! It stays at the top of them all, the Dark And Lovely Leave-in Conditioner is a must have for every relaxed hair, one of the best and reliable hair product, feed and treatment. I apply on my hair before and after I relax my hair, it  also detangles my hair and makes sure I have a healthy.

Lipton Tea 

Wired but true, lipton tea serves as a natural hair dye, it tans your natural hair colour to a more darker colour, it thickens the hair just like hena helping the weak tips on your hair to gain more strength and become fuller. How to apply : Add 3bags of lipton tea in an already boiled water, cover tea till it gets cold then apple tea to the hair, cover with shower cap, leave for an hour, then open and leave to dry,  cream or oil  the hair to avoid dryness.

Gentle Hair fruits (Coconut Smooth ) Shampoo 

The gentle hair fruit coconut Shampoo leave my hair feeling soft and smelling nice. With little amount applied to my wet hair I don’t need much struggle to take of dirts, relaxer and dandruffs, it foams well and yes it’s cheap. (very cheap)

Shea Butter


It is no news that shea butter is the perfect hair cream for every hair including hair extensions. Naturally straightens the hair, helps it shine and also conditions it.

Do I really need to add more to my list? Drop your comments and let’s get to know your best hair feeds .