Henna popularly Known as La a li in nigerian normally used by the Hausa’s for body decoration during festivals or wedding.

The Henna leave is ready for use after being dried and blended into powder.

How Does Henna Work With Your Hair

Henna naturaly assist the hair in every way. It has no chemical, making it a friendly treatment for the hair, henna shows its usefulness by helping you achieve a thicker hair immediately you use it, it also strengthens hair and prevents it from falling, it also eradicates dandruff and prevents hair from itching by keeping it clean.

How To Apply Henna On Your Hair


  • Add 4 to 6 spoons of Henna powder into clean bow
  • Add water and mix properly to get a thick paste
  • Add Amla oil to the paste, mix it properly to blend with d paste
  • Leave mixture for and hour
  • Apply with gloves to avoid getting you finger coloured
  • Cover hair for and Hour, then rinse out with oily shampoo
  • Apply Olive oil to the hair to avoid dryness

To use Henna for covering of Grey hair, go for the black henna.