Hello everyone, it has always been exciting Writing about Hair, Beauty and Women in general. But today is commencement of the very first episode of MY AFRICAN BRIDE.

Starting with my very own country NIGERIA, Hmmmm enjoy all you see bellow…


The Beauty Of Nigerian Brides

Nigeria is a country filled with different Ethnic groups and Tribe making her very rich in Culture and Tradition.


When it comes to traditional weddings in Nigeria The brides are the main Focus, from the introduction to the Traditional Marriage Ceremony during which the Rites are being carried out.These period, the Bride who is the main focus changes into different attires displaying the richness of her Culture and Tribe.

The Edo Brides


The Edo’s are deeply cultured and leave no stone untouched when it comes to the brides oufit, starting from the beaded headpiece (usually red Bead ), the full fall neck beads and bracelets, and Red or White Suede / Judge attire wrapped around the chest covered with Beads, Simply leaves them looking like a Queen.


The Yoruba Brides


These Brides don’t borrow cultures, sticking to their famous and ancient Aso Oke, sewed in the IRO and BUBA style, with the head wrap (known as Gele) standing firm and beautiful as the crown of the bride, bringing her all the attention she deserves.


The IGBO Brides


The Igbo brides are know for their lively yet simple wedding attire, coming with the lovely Damask GELE head wrap, the well structured fitted blouse and that sits on the wrapped judge or Mermaid inspired skirts giving them the look of a young girl graduating to a woman look.


The Hausa Brides

These brides are breathtaking, they go as far as creating their own traditional white wedding inspired dress, making them look extremely beautiful, adding to it is the Laali decoration on the hand and feet of the bride and also a lovely headpiece or Gele  (head-wraps) to crown the bride.


I just love weddings mostly the brides, they are just all i wanna see.

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