For decades different products have been said to help restore hair loss and baldness, but these solutions fade off easily, after being tested clients don’t get the satisfaction they hoped for.


Natural recipes are less harmful and also repairs damaged cells on the scap.

In the year 2000 patients with hair loss issues applied onion recipe on their scap and 80% of them got thier hair restored.


Onion is know for its strong and effective natural nutrient, it has a high level of sulfur that helps the circulation of blood flow  reducing skin inflammation. It is also high in protein   and gives the skin the durability to grow hair.

Applying of onions to the scap and how it works.

  • Select 2 average size onions


  • Slice into 4piece
  • Blend onion to get thick paste


  •  Apply into affected area
  • Massage into scalp for two minutes


  • Cover hair with shower or steaming cap


  • Leave in for 3hrs
  • Rinse out with ordinary water.
  • Repeat twice a week till you to see. Effective change.

Ps. Don’t expect magic, but results are guaranteed. Enjoy your new healthy hair.