Aww! I just love the Boho fashion and accessories. This native traditional fashion has its way of beautifying a woman’s body and style,it simply introduce a way of accessorising some parts of the body.

The Boho fashion is super perfect for Summer, for those living in Nigeria like myself it’s perfect from January to May before the raining and harmattern season.

This simple fashion loves to be worn by  free spirited persons (wearing it calm and with the I don’t care attitude).

Get Gypsy with these Boho styles.

Boho Accessories



Wearing the Boho ring, necklace, bracelets and waist chain for time out with friends or to beach/pool parties keeps every eyes focused on your body.These accessories replace the boring aspect of you to a fun and trendy type.

Boho Crochet Mini Free Gowns & High Kneel Sandals

I just love it when it comes to wearing      high kneel sandal on mini dress,its chicky  you just feel free on it.Worried bout showing to much flesh? the high sandals got you covered already.

Boho Purse Bag

The boho/gypsy bags comes in feathered and plain style, it goes with most summer outfit,perfect for casual outings where you don’t have to carry a lot on you.