It is a known fact that Mothers enjoy the growing moment of of their little girls, especially the fashion aspect where they do the matchy trends together.

The stage of growing kids hair can be a little bit frustrating, especially the combing part when they cry their eyes out  telling you they don’t want continue growing their hair.

How To Inspire Them To Keep Growing Thier Hair

Showing them girls with already grown hair.



Showing them girls of their age that looks pretty on natural trendy hairstyle inspires them to continue their goals.

Rocking same outfits and hair styles with them.

This is one of the best way to make them consider keeping thier hair ,knowing fully well they are having same hairstyle with thier mum makes them want to do it all over again.

Taking the timeout to do their hair yourself.



Not all little girls love to go to the salon for reasons best known to them,but when it comes to mothers doing it for them, it goes a long way in helping them grow thier hair.

Growing kids hair is never a easy thing to do, reasons why mothers have to be fully involved to make it easier. #mothersandgirlslove  #girlsrolemodels #hairgoals